Product Description:

CRA Adjustable & Steeable Skates is an alternative to the traditional roll bar as a handling tool for handling equipment.Its material is forged steel, strong pressure.The material of the wheel is silicone resin,which can protect the ground and prevent oil pollution.The rubber layer protects the material and increases the stability.The load capacity is big,can be equipped with the joystick.

More Images:

Model CRA6 CRA8 CRA12 CRA15 CRA20
Dimension(mm)(L×W×H) 300×215×105 400×215×105 500×215×105 400×305×108 500×305×108
Wheel size(mm) φ80×70 φ80×70 φ80×70 φ80×70 φ80×70
Number of wheels 4pcs 6pcs 8pcs 9pcs 12pcs
Wheel material PU PU PU PU PU
Self weight(kg) 13 19 24 27 36
Load Capacity(ton) 6 8 12 15 20
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