Product Description:

The Full Electric Stacker with different loading capacities and various lifting heights is built for stacking in intensive applications in stores and facories , applications that require durable high capacity trucks that are also capable of horizontal transport purposes .

More Images:

ModelCapacity(kg)Max.fork height(mm)Fork length(mm)Min.fork height(mm)Truck weight(kg)
CTQ-AC 10-160010001600115085-90730
CTQ-AC 15-160015001600115085-90770
CTQ-AC 20-160020001600115085-90790
CTQ-AC 10-200010002000115085-90700
CTQ-AC 15-200015002000115085-90720
CTQ-AC 20-200020002000115085-90750
CTQ-AC 10-250010002500115085-90725
CTQ-AC 15-250015002500115085-90750
CTQ-AC 20-250020002500115085-90785
CTQ-AC 10-300010003000115085-90745
CTQ-AC 15-300015003000115085-90785
CTQ-AC 20-300020003000115085-90850
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