Product Description:

The Hand Parllet Truck is the ideal ” storage aid” and ” handling partner ” for all manual transport tasks over short distances, excellently suitable for use on lorries , in small warehouses and markets ect .

More Images:

Min.fork height(mm)85/7585/7585/75
Max.fork height(mm)195/185195/185195/185
Lifting height(mm)110110110
Fork  length(mm)1150/12201150/12201150/1220
Single fork width(mm)160160160
Width overall forks(mm)550/685550/685550/685
Fork wheel-single(mm)Φ80×93/Φ74×93Φ80×93/Φ74×93Φ80×93/Φ74×93
Fork wheel-tandem(mm)Φ80×70Φ80×70Φ80×70
Steering wheel(mm)Φ180×50Φ180×50Φ180×50
Self weight(kg)73-9273-9273-92
Qty/20 feet container(pcs)180/144180/144180/144
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