Product Description:

XD-850 Floor Scrubber is special suitable large commercial,industrial zone cleaning requirements,according to people’s habits and improve the design of the driving style washing cars,new compact design,flexible and easy to operact design,flexible and easy to operate,faster,better and more efficient.

More Images:

Model XD-850
Sewage /Water Tank Capacity(L) 110/115
Cleaning Efficiency(㎡/h) 5530
Cleaning Width(mm) 850
Squeegee Width(mm) 1151
Brush Motor(kw) 2×0.55 24VDC
Vacuum Motor(kw) 2×0.357 24VDC
Working Motor(kw) 0.88 24VDC
Battery (4×6v)240Ah
Fer Charge Working Time(h) 4.5-5
Work Noise 65dB(A)
DC Voltage(v) 24
Maximum Climbing Rate Clean mode6%/Handling mode12%
Weight(without battery)(kg) 230
CBM(L*W*H)(mm) 1505×905×1270
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