Product Description:

Aluminium alloy aerial lift platform is mainly made up of high strength high quality aluminium alloy materials.This lift platform uses mast column to support the working is designed for aerial works.

More Images:

Platform height(mm)6000800010000
Working height(mm)80001000012000
Load capacity(kg)150125125
Platform size(mm)630×640630×640630×640
Power voltage(V)DC12V/AC220VDC12V/AC220VDC12V/AC220V
Motor power(Kw)0.750.750.75
Overall   size(mm)1420×820×19201420×820×20401420×820×20400
Up/Down speed(M/s)38/3544/3846/40
Self weight AC/DC(kg)415/450450/485490/525
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