Product Description:

The streamlined ergonomic design provides perfect operation effect.Super large LCD touch working status of the machine at a glance.Battery capacity of 145Ah,can work continuously for more than 4.5hours.Stainless steel anti-corrosion and hard to damaged.Adjustable Brush power system easy operation.Machine can be overturned,easy repaired and maintenance.

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Hand Push Type Automatic Washing Machine XD-500
Cleaning width(mm) 500
Squeegee width(mm) 818
Scrub brushes width 1
Water Tank Capacity(L) 50
Sewage Tank Capacity(L) 55
Working voltage(v) 24
Brush-pressure(kg) 30
Brush motor power(w) 550
Suction motor power(w) 450
Working noise 68dB(A)
Single battery capacity(Ah) 100
Weight(kg) 85
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 1216×502×975
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