Product Description:

The use of a tail lift can obviate the needs to use machinery such as a forklift truck in order to load heavy items on to a vehicle, or can be used to bridge the difference in height between a loading dock and the vehicle load bed. The tail lift can be installed easily and fast. The com- plete hydraulic and electrical system is integrated into this lift. The screws are all that is needed to mount the lift to the truck.

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Model NL-QB15/300G
Platform size(mm) 1700×1600
Capacity(kg) 1500
Self weight(kg) 1100
Motor power(kw) 2.2
Frame inner width(mm) Frame inner width-222=Panel width
Height from vehicle(mm) 1100-3000
Maximum permissible angle(°) 0~90
Motor Above DC24V/160AH
Platform working angle(°) 0°(Fixed angle13°)
System working pressure(MPa) 10-14
Average  lifting speed(mm/sec) 60-80(Fall speed adjustable)
Switching speed(deg/sec) 8-10
Selection of oil 46#hydraulic oil(Special environment requirements)
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